Chaitanya Padukone joins Raju Singh in a tribute music session on Kishore Kumar’s birth anniversary

Renowned journalist and author Chaitanya Padukone, known for his famous book ‘R.D. Burmania: Panchamemoirs,’ surprised fans by displaying his musical prowess during an impromptu session with ace guitarist and composer Raju Singh. The duo joined forces to pay a heartfelt tribute to the iconic Kishore Kumar and the legendary R D Burman on the occasion of Kishore Kumar’s birth anniversary, which falls today, on August 4.

The impromptu music session, a fusion of bongo and guitar, was shared by Raju Singh on his social media platform, delighting fans of both musicians. They played the song β€œRaju Chal Raju, Apni Masti Mein Tu” from Azaad, starring Dharmendra, which had the iconic hero on horse-back in the movie for this number.

Raju Singh, who had previously worked with RD Burman, expressed his happiness on the special day of the evergreen singer Kishore Kumar with the caption, “Super-Happy Birthday– legend Kishore-Da! πŸŽ‚πŸŽΆπŸŽŠπŸŽΈπŸ’₯β™₯️🎼🌟”

The unexpected bongo performance by Chaitanya Padukone has left everyone pleasantly surprised as they witnessed his talent beyond his journalistic and writing achievements. The collaboration between the two artists brought together a beautiful blend of sounds, capturing the essence of Kishore Kumar’s iconic song and RD Burman’s timeless composition.

The video of the tribute session has garnered appreciation from music enthusiasts and fans alike. The unique and soulful short rendition has beautifully captured the spirit of the legendary duo.

Chaitanya Padukone’s spontaneous bongo skills added a fresh dimension to the tribute, proving that creativity knows no bounds, and talents can transcend across various domains.

The tribute video is a sweet attempt by Raju Singh and Chaitanya Padukone, in expressing their gratitude and keeping the magic of Kishore Kumar and RD Burman’s musical legacy alive. On this special day dedicated to Kishore Kumar, the musical homage by Raju Singh and Chaitanya Padukone also serves as a reminder of the everlasting impact these legends have left on the hearts of millions through their evergreen melodies.

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