Apparel marketplace Zaffori integrates Wise for ease of doing business

A quick and reliable payment system is integral to the success of any business. For the sake of ease and safety of payments, multinational apparel marketplace Zaffori has integrated the payment transaction software Wise into its online platform.

Gauri Shah, president, Zaffori Ventures, explains, “Having a trustworthy payment solution for our designers is one of our main priorities. Since Zaffori works with international designers, a quick and efficient payment solution where our designers can receive their payments as soon as possible is very important, especially since each piece of garment is made-to-order/made-to-measure. This is why we have integrated Wise into our platform.”

Thus, no matter which country Zaffori’s designers originate from, they will be able to receive their payment just within hours, making the flow of payments very easy and efficient for them.

Zaffori’s team chose Wise because it offers a quick payment solution that fits perfectly into its platform and business model. “We were looking for a payment solution that can send automated payments to our designers at the end of the billing cycle, ensuring that our designers receive payments in a timely manner, thus making it the perfect fit,” informs Shah.

The company believes that utilizing such great technology will not only enhance Zaffori’s platform and make it more user friendly but will allow its designers to do business on the platform with ease.

Since Wise is integrated into the Zaffori online platform, all payments will be made within the platform and therefore the designers would just need an account on the Zaffori platform. It would be that easy. This method will enable designers to also generate monthly or weekly reports of all the payments they receive, all in one place.

A first-of-its-kind, Zaffori is a high-end apparel marketplace which provides a unique opportunity to shop customized clothing from some of the top fashion designers in the world. Every product purchased through the online marketplace is one-of-a-kind due to its tailor-made approach. This makes Zaffori a premier platform in high-end fashion which caters personally to an individual with uniquely customized designer wear.

Zaffori also offers free storage space for designers at its fulfillment center in New York, allowing them to have an immediate presence in the US market. Moreover, the firm has also partnered with the world leader UPS to make the shipping process easier and efficient for the customer.

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